Roberto Carlos returns back to football

    Real Madrid legend Roberto Carlos has come back to football after he agreed to play a charity game with the pub team Bull in England as the Barne United. At the age of 48, he is coming back to play football, which has attracted the attention of millions of people all over the world. The Brazilian defender was one of the prizes in the eBay raffle, who had non-professional sides, having the chance to have the left-back play a match for their team.

    Roberto Carlos in this regard

    Roberto Carlos said in this regard that he has been back in training for weeks to get fit for the match for the eBay Dream transfer. Though he also added that he is a little nervous about his first game after six years break. He too added that he can’t wait to meet the team he ended up playing with though and obviously size up the team they will be playing against.

    Playing alongside a Legend

    The participating teams were able to pay five pounds for a ticket to be within a shot of having a player like Roberto Carlos who is playing for their team. Bull in Barne United, are the winners of the competition and the footballer who persuaded the coach to buy that victory ticket was Liam Turrall.

    Liam Turrall said in this regard that he is sure that there will be a few opposition players who desire to leave a mark on him. To have that level of experience like Roberto Carlos along with his technical ability he will be looking o play off him as much as possible, knowing if he makes that lung-busting run he can find him.

    He also added that he will be fulfilled if they can expect some quality interplay down the flank and set up or dare he say score in a dream scenario which will be a goal at the end of it.

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