Jose Mourinho could be banned concerning his Juventus claim

    The head coach of the Serie A club, Roma, Jose Mourinho might be banned can face consequences where he might be banned for a few matches, following his action of accusing a referee of being sent by at the weekend by Juventus.

    The Portuguese manager has never been far away from controversies, which we have seen before. He is twisted in controversies, and his team is also facing the consequences, which fans saw when Roma struggled against Verona. Verona got a couple of leads in the initial phase of the match, and it seemed that Roma couldn’t fight back from a score of 2-0, where they had the lower hand.

    However they managed to score two consecutive goals in the 65th and 84th minute, thanks to Cristian Volpato and Edoardo Bove, respectively, and they finished the match with a draw.

    Jose Mourinho sent off by the referee

    The former Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho was unimpressed by the number of stoppages in the match. He was eventually sent off by the referee, but at present, he could be in more trouble. Reports state that Jose Mourinho was shouting and said to the referee that Juventus has sent him for some purpose.

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    Credits: Daily Mail

    This ill-comment could earn him as much as a three-match ban if he was found guilty after investigations, which will be executed of whether he has made those statements or not.

    Why Mourinho took Juventus’ name?

    As Roma is a staunch rival to Juventus in the Serie A, especially in the present circumstances inside the Serie A top 4, Jose Mourinho might be feeling the concern in this race. His side isn’t performing up to the mark, and as per some experts, Jose Mourinho is not a man who loves to take responsibility. Also, his comments aren’t a matter of surprise concerning his past controversies.

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