Ubisoft promises Maps, Cross-Play, and Less Toxicity for its Rainbow Six Siege in 2022

    The content plan for Rainbow Six Siege’s seventh year has been released by Ubisoft. It will have four new operators as usual, but it will also include three new maps, much-requested cross-play and cross-progression, and a slew of significant changes to Siege’s player behaviour systems in 2022.

    Rainbow Six Siege will get four more playable operators starting with Season 1’s Operation Demon Veil, which was announced yesterday. The Japanese defender Azami has already been extensively described, while the other three have only been hinted at. Season two will have a new Belgian operator, Season three will feature a Singaporean operator, and Season four will feature a Colombian operator.

    The Emerald Plains, based in Ireland, will be introduced midway through Season 1 as a new competitive map. A new competitive map will be introduced in Season 3. A third new map will be released in season two, however, this Greece-themed level will only be available in the new Team Deathmatch game mode, not in conventional competitive Siege matches.

    In addition, during Season 2, a new shooting range will be built, which will be used to test guns and practise weapons drills. To properly explain how Siege’s numerous unique characters work to novice players, a series of ‘operator tips’ will be provided. Season three will see the debut of Ranked 2.0, a revamped version of Siege’s ranked competitive mode.

    Ubisoft is also working on crossplay and cross-progression for consoles and PC, although it is taking longer than anticipated. As a result, it is presently scheduled to premiere during season four, near the end of the year.

    In addition to the additional content, Ubisoft has plans to update the player systems in Siege. To make the game fairer, improvements will be made to the way griefing and player disconnects are identified and handled in season one. Season two will add reporting systems to the Match Replay feature, allowing you to report violations if you see them in a replay. Season three will continue the war on toxic players by restricting those who abuse friendly fire, while season three will add reporting systems to the Match Replay feature, allowing you to report violations if you see them in a replay.

    In season four, a new Reputation Scores system will go live, rewarding good behaviour but barring repeat offenders. Seasonal balancing tweaks will, of course, be a part of it all. Aim control, controller mapping, and field of view settings will all be customizable on the console version, thanks to upgrades.

    Balance, gameplay updates, and map content will all be free, but operators will be available only through paid battle passes. Seasonal passes are available, but the Year 7 Pass, which is available through March 21, unlocks every forthcoming operator 14 days early. This year, there are two options: the basic $ 30-year pass (which includes all four standard season passes in one package) or the $60 Premium Year Pass, which includes exclusive weapon skins, VIP points, and 20 additional battle pass tiers.


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