Bethesda’s Starfield seems to be taking its Inspiration NASA Universe

Two of Bethesda Game Studio’s devs have characterized Starfield as being set in a “NASA punk universe,” hinting at what fans might expect when the game comes on November 11. Due to its enigmatic science-fiction plot and gorgeous art style, Starfield has swiftly become one of Xbox’s most anticipated titles. A handful of photos of Starfield’s gameplay were released online in spring 2021, piquing the interest of potential gamers.

Starfield is Bethesda’s first brand-new IP in over two decades, and as one of the industry’s greatest names in RPG production, expectations are high for the sci-fi title. Starfield is set 300 years in the future, in a realm known as the Settled Systems, around 50 light-years beyond Earth’s Solar System. Players will assume the character of a member of the Constellation, one of the few remaining explorers on a quest to discover the Milky Way’s mysteries. Even though Starfield is an Xbox exclusive, Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer has already voiced his desire to see it become the most played Bethesda game ever, even surpassing RPG cult favorite Skyrim.

Starfield’s main artist Istvan Pely discusses some of the game’s artistic decisions in a new Xbox blog post and accompanying Xbox video, as well as the creation of the game’s cover art. Pely describes the game’s aesthetic as “NASA-Punk,” noting that the entire art team decided to create realistic environments and people throughout the game. The players will feel as if they are genuinely exploring space as a result of this. Rick Vicens, the lead animator, has stated that the entire creative team was able to latch onto the word “NASA-Punk” and use it as inspiration as they work toward a unified aim and art style. Vicens elucidates:

Starfield’s commercial art style is reminiscent of retro sci-fi, and it recalls great movie posters such as Star Wars and the original Tron from 1982. The use of classic art techniques, mixed with the characters’ dreamy far-off expressions, creates a retro-punk-meets-scientific-exploration vibe. JFK’s famous “Moon address,” which evoked a sense of nostalgia and pride for humanity when NASA launched the Apollo 11 mission, which safely landed on the Moon in 1969, plays over the footage. JFK’s motivating comments not only pique the interest of future players, but they also pique their interest in what discoveries in space they will make while playing Starfield.

Despite PlayStation being the world’s largest console market and other huge and competitive titles like Horizon Forbidden West and God of War: Ragnarok releasing in 2022, Microsoft is optimistic that Starfield will exceed both sales and player expectations. At this year’s E3 conference in summer 2022, further information about Starfield’s gameplay, art, and the plot is likely to be presented. While people have been anticipating the debut of this game since its introduction in 2018, the wait is almost over.


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