Obi Toppin is the New Slam Dunk Contest Champion

    In the NBA All-Star Saturday’s main event, the Slam Dunk contest, four contestants were there to make the game a historic one of the evening. Obi Toppin was present from the New York Knicks, and the other three were Jalen Green from Houston Rockets, Cole Anthony from Orlando Greens, and last but not the least, there was Juan-Toscano Anderson who represented both Mexico as well as the Golden Warriors. Besides, Anderson was the first star in the history of this contest to take part in having Mexican blood.

    The New Slam Dunk Contest

    First, Cole Anthony started the event using a pair of Timberland boots using an old dunk, and the five judged gave him a score of 42. Next, Juan-Toscano Anderson came and dunked over a teammate Andrew Wiggins to secure 44 points.

    Also, Obi Toppin did a similar dunk which Toscano did, and he too secured 44 points. Lastly, Jalen Green attempted seven times but missed all of them, and finally secured 38 points.

    In the second round of the New Slam Dunk contest, Green started things with a terrific 180-degree dunk, and he ultimately secured 45 points in his second attempt. Anderson did a windmill 360 slam and earned 43 points, whereas on the other hand, Obi Toppin performed another 360 slam off the glass securing 45 points, and he got tied at 87 points with Anderson.

    Obi Toppin Emerges Victoriously

    The final round saw the collision of Obi Toppin and Juan-Toscano Anderson. Though Anderson wasn’t very good in his first dunk at the final round, he was able to secure 39 points only. Toppin had a clear chance of beating his opponent, and he didn’t let down his fans, and himself as well. He emerged victoriously over Anderson by doing the legs windmill slam.

    Obi Toppin
    Credits: Fox News

    However, Anderson had one more chance to strike back however he never completed following his attempt of 4 tires. In his second dunk, Obi scored huge 47 points to finally win the New Slam Dunk contest.

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