DFB sets new goals for the German National team and Frauen Bundesliga

The German Football Association or the DFB has announced a list of new goals for the German national football team and the Frauen Bundesliga league. The prime objective of DFB is to reach a women’s quota of 30 percent on the boards as well as in the management positions by 2027.

Besides, the DFB also focuses on improving the streaming and marketing of Frauen Bundesliga, as said earlier, to increase its fame and to recruit more female footballers, referees as well as coaches.

Frauen Bundesliga having the better accessibility

Hannelore Ratzeburg, the vice president of DFB, announced the federation targets for the upcoming years. From the upcoming campaign, statistics will be integrated with the marketing concept for the football league. Besides, the authority also wants to enhance its broadcasting.

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The DFB has also announced that it is looking forward to extending TV rights across the world. This is indeed excellent news for the league fans worldwide, and we might see a new broadcaster stream the games outside Germany.

Targets for the National Team as per DFB

The German Football Association has also made targets for the German national team and has declared that they want both the Bundesliga clubs as well as the national team to win international titles until 2027. Coming to that perspective, the national team has the best chances to achieve the same in their 2022 and 2025 European Championships.

This statement on a club level hints more to Bayern Munich and Wolfsburg, that they want him to be more ambitious again so that they also expect more investment from them.

Aiming for Players, Referees and Coaches

Another target that DFB is focusing on is increasing the number of active players, as well as female coaches and referees by 25%. The number of girls playing football in the clubs has elevated for years, however, the COVID19 pandemic has still stood as an obstruction.

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It is seen that in some places, the number of female footballers decreased by 70% since 2010. Similarly, the case of female referees and coaches has also been decreasing, for which the German Football Association is working on it.

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