The Dynasty: New England Patriots will have their own documentary

Apply TV+ has declared that New England Patriots will have their own documentary series concerning the years of success they had under the reign of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. The documentary will be named as “The Dynasty” and will consist of 10 episodes, where every incident that took place with the team, players and the history of the NFL’s best quarterbacks will be displayed across the seasons, where they emerged victoriously in six NFL Vince Lombardi trophies.

The Dynasty will be streamed by Apple TV+, and the series will be produced by Brian Grazer, as well as Ron Howard’s imagine documentaries, which are in conjunction with the NFL films.

What is “The Dynasty” based on?

The Dynasty is partly based on Jeff Benedict’s book who spent two years inside the Patriots organization to explore the way the Brady-Belichick era was handled. The book became the top seller of the New York Times and chronicled the Patriot’s 20-year run of success under the legendary Tom Brady, along with coach Bill Belichick and the manager Robert Kraft.

The Dynasty
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Each of the chapters of the book showcases the history of the franchise, which is drawn on exclusive footage that has never been seen before, the videos as well as the other archives of the Patriots. Emmy-nominated filmmaker Matthew Hamacheck will direct the documentary and promises a fresh look at the organization during the 2021 season, which includes the Pats players, officials, coaches, and executives.

New England Patriots posting in Instagram

Following the announcement of this news, the New England Patriots didn’t take much longer to post a photo in their Instagram account showcasing six championships they have secured throughout their NFL history. They along with the fans will certainly be highly excited for this project to get released soon.

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