Matt Reeves is Making a ‘Batverse’ with Robert Pattinson’s Movie: ‘Gotham’s Story Never Ends’

The Batman Official Trailer

Robert Pattinson starrer The Batman’s release is a few days away and in a recent chat show Matt Reeves reveals, the movie doesn’t belong to DCEU and is an independent entity. The audience can imagine that Reeves is following the path that Todd Philips took in his 2019 film Joker.

Moreover, the creator is also trying to develop a Batverse with this upcoming movie, which seems like a spectacular idea concerning the plethora of stories and characters in existence in the Batman universe.

What did Matt Reeves Say?

Matt Reeves shared in an interview that he really wanted to create a Batverse in this movie. He believes that the story should have the power to stand on its own. He even added that the Bat world is rich in character that compels the fans to think about the next when the end is emerging slowly. The idea is of course that Gotham’s story never concludes.

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The Batman (2022) Robert Pattinson and Matt Reeves on set CR: Jonathan Olley/Warner Bros.

And it seems that Reeves has even started working on the Batverse as he is included with two upcoming HBO shows that are both associated with the same universe. A drama about the Gotham City Police Department and a show regarding the Penguin’s rise to power are both in progress. Reeves has roped in the third Batman of the 21st century with Robert Pattinson after Christian Bale and Ben Affleck. 

Pattinson, who has been away from the franchise ever since his turn as Edward Cullen in the Twilight series, appears to have embraced the superhero dignity impressively as the superstars are excited to turn it into a trilogy. He revealed that he has talked with Reeves regarding the idea of doing a trilogy and that he knows it would be wonderful.

What’s the release date for the Matt Reeves Directed Movie?

The Batman will hit the theatres on 4th March and fans can’t hold onto their nerves and keep their excitement in check!

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