Nintendo might be Using AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution To Boost the performance of its Switch

With the Nintendo Switch’s sales, momentum and popularity remaining high, Nintendo and numerous third-parties continue to make use of its mobile technologies to get the best potential results. There’s no doubt that the system will struggle to match 2022 expectations in terms of aesthetics and performance, but an intriguing licence tied to the upcoming Nintendo Switch Sports suggests a way for Nintendo to maximise the hybrid’s possibilities.

Nintendo Switch Sports uses a licence for AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution technology, as discovered by @NWPlayer123 in the test version download. Although this is open source and free to use, monetised projects must acknowledge its use on licence sites such as the ones below. Nintendo appears to be using it only in this game for the time being, but if the results are positive, it may be utilised in future projects.

oyunlarda amd fidelityfx super resolution teknolojisi

PC Gamer delves more into the technology, while the official website highlights its potential impact on game performance. There’s been a lot of buzz in the past about how future Nintendo gear could leverage NVIDIA’s DLSS, a super-sampling technology that could allow games on the ‘Switch 2’ to output in 4K while running at a lower native resolution. It’s a means to achieve outstanding results while working with inferior chipsets, which is unavoidable with mobile-like technology. The issue is that the Switch’s Tegra X1 GPU does not support DLSS.

However, AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution has a slightly distinct set of ambitions. It does upscale the image to make it look crisper at lesser resolutions, but it doesn’t do it using artificial intelligence. It’s a game-by-game method that can theoretically function on most systems and GPUs; it’s also compatible with NVIDIA chipsets. The upscaling is technically the second reason to use it, as the main benefit stated is that upscaling the image can allow for higher performance and framerate while still seeming like it’s running at a good resolution to most eyes, especially during gameplay.

Let’s say Nintendo wants Nintendo Switch Sports to run at 60 frames per second but is having trouble locking it in; technology like this AMD Fidelity FX Super Resolution can help you hit performance targets while theoretically sacrificing less in terms of visuals and output resolution when used effectively.

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