My GM mode finally arrives for WWE 2K22

A new and much-anticipated feature is included in the WWE 2K franchise in 2K22. That feature is, of course, My GM mode, and we got a glimpse at some of the mode’s features, including the General Managers you may choose from, in the latest Ringside Report. The candidates are Adam Pearce, Sonya Deville, Stephanie McMahon, Shane McMahon, or a Custom GM. Each one contains a Power Card that grants you new skills, such as boosting abilities or affecting morale. Then there’s the Draft, where it’s critical to pay attention to their classes to build a balanced team, though you’ll also need to consider cost, popularity, and other factors.

The game will give you hints as to who might make a good roster match, but you can build your draught, including created players. Because each player starts with a budget of $2,750,000., the cost will play a key influence in making your roster. Now, that money is used to manage your brand (Raw or SmackDown), so if you spend it all on the draught, you’ll have a difficult time establishing shows in the beginning, as money is used to sign free agents, hire enhancement talent, sign legends, and so on.

There’s also Performance Logistics to consider, which allows you to upgrade your show to perform in front of larger audiences and additional costs like road crew, lighting and effects, commercials, and more. You can also purchase Power Cards, such as a Health Spa, which allows you to rest a wrestler for a short period before resuming full pace. There are also Commissioner Goals, which means Triple H can approach you with a unique request, and if you meet it, you’ll be rewarded handsomely.

My GM is the only game in which you may mimic a show or play matches in addition to spectating. You may also put your GM in action, and after the game, you’ll see a summary screen that displays you your rating and how much money, ratings, and other things your games brought in.

In the months leading up to WrestleMania, you’ll build up your show by providing good pay-per-views, but there’s another aspect to wrapping up the year. You’ll interact with your superstars and Triple H throughout the game, and you’ll receive requests from them that can affect morale depending on your choices.


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