Callum Hudson Odoi: The house of talent

Callum Hudson Odoi is definitely of the most talented footballers of this generation. He has been playing as a winger for the Premier League club Chelsea and the national team England. He has won several accolades for both teams and is an asset undoubtedly.

People are predicting that he might switch from the England national football team to the Ghana team. It is still early to say anything but the possibility is there and Callum Hudson Odoi himself has not denied the possibility of such a switch soon or in the next game.

Callum Hudson Odoi and his calling

It is well known to everyone that Callum Hudson Odoi has won three England caps and is also eligible to play for Ghana and that he rejected to link up with England back in November. He also rejected an offer made to him by the Three Lions’ Under-21 side last year.

He can easily apply to play for Ghana this year under the rules and regulations prescribed by FIFA. Whenever one asks him a question on whether or not he is going to switch, he maintains some sort of ambiguity in his answers and never clearly denies the possibility of it.

Eligibility of Odoi to join Ghana’s team

Callum Hudson Odoi holds dual-nationality of England and Ghana, thus, he can switch whenever he fulfils the other requirements. Moreover, all the three caps that he had won for England were before 21 and the latest cap was won by him in the European Championship qualifier in Kosovo in November 2019.

Therefore, he would not be faced with any difficulty if he decides to join or represent the team of Ghana. He is an extremely talented footballer and it would be great for any team to have him. He shall make his own choice but will never let the football lovers down and that is for sure.

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