Arsenal fans demand that Stan Kroenke invest heavily in the club after the LA Rams win the Super Bowl 2022

    Arsenal fans have asked owner Stan Kroenke to invest significantly more money in the club after the LA Rams won their first Super Bowl with the help of a £5 billion investment from the US entrepreneur. Last year, after the Kroenke’s signed the team up to the disastrous European Super League, Arsenal fans organized massive protests against the owners.

    The Super League scheme was considered as the final blow for many fans who had grown increasingly unhappy with the team’s demise, first during Arsene Wenger’s long rule and then in the aftermath of the Frenchman’s departure in 2018. Arsenal last won the Premier League in 2015/16, and they haven’t even challenged for the title since, while they last competed in the Champions League in 2016/17.

    Rams Winning the Super Bowl

    As a result of seeing the Rams defeat the Cincinnati Bengals in the Super Bowl at the franchise’s £4 billion Sofi Stadium (which they share with the Los Angeles Chargers), many Arsenal fans have called for a comparable amount of investment in the north London club. According to one Twitter user, Arsenal would have won the Champions League by now if Kroenke had spent half as much money on the Gunners as he did on the Rams.

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    In addition to the stadium, which many regards as the best sports venue in the world, Kroenke has spent heavily on the Rams’ roster since controversially relocating the franchise to Los Angeles from St. Louis in 2015.

    To sign quarterback Matthew Stafford from Detroit and linebacker Von Miller from Denver, the Rams signed star wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr from Cleveland and gave up draft picks through 2024.

    About the Korenke’s Investment

    Kroenke’s money invested in the franchise has produced dividends, and not just in terms of silverware. Even before they defeated Cincinnati, the Rams were voted the NFL’s third most valuable club, with an estimated value of £3.4 billion.

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    The Super Bowl is expected to bring in an additional £350 million. Kroenke is significantly more frugal when it comes to Arsenal in general, even though the Gunners spent £142 million on transfers last year, more than any other team in Europe.

    He also hides his face a lot more. He hasn’t been to north London since Wenger’s final game as manager in 2018, and the last time he spoke to fans was in the club’s program at the start of the season. His son Joshua is more conspicuous, having spoken to Sky Sports News about the aborted Super League in November.

    When Mikel Arteta wants to talk to the owner, he has to come to him, as when the coach traveled to Denver last month to gain Kroenke’s OK to release Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

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