Valorant might soon be released on PlayStation and Xbox

With over 1 million monthly users, Valorant is one of the most popular FPS games. It is, however, now only available for PC, namely Windows. We already know that Riot is working on releasing Valorant on mobile devices as a result of their success.

Valorant has been limited to the PC platform for approximately two years after its debut. That could change, as Riot Games is rumored to be working on a console version of the game in addition to the already confirmed mobile version.

The Riot recruitment page has two unusual job listings: one in Los Angeles, California, and the other in Bellevue, Washington, both in the United States, both for the post of “Senior Game Designer, Console – Valorant.”

Valorant is currently unavailable on any PlayStation, Nintendo, or Xbox console. However, based on this development, Riot appears to be attempting to break into the console market.

With the modern generation of consoles and PC players not separated by high barriers, such as cross-play, mouse and keyboard support, and a target framerate of 120 FPS (necessary for such a competitive title), bringing one of the PC’s most-played competitive titles to the console would be incredible.

Many fans, however, are concerned about the potential cross-play feature between console and PC players, claiming that PC users will have unfair advantages such as faster screen refresh rates, more precision (Mouse and Keyboard vs. Controller), an Aim-Assist module, and so on. Riot appreciates the title’s competitive integrity, thus we can expect the developers to try to level the playing field for users on both sides of the technological divide, and we won’t likely see PC/Console platform cross-play in the Competitive game setting.

While Valorant was designed for PCs, understanding and finding solutions for the keyboard-mouse control scheme is critical to the design. With the evolution of gaming platforms bringing player bases closer together, a console port might be extremely popular and entertaining.


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