Los Angeles Rams emerge victoriously over Cincinnati Bengals at the NFL final

    The Super Bowl LVI 2022 came to an end with Los Angeles Rams emerging victoriously over Cincinnati Bengals at the Super Bowl final. NFL’s star team Los Angeles Rams became the champions of this league for the second time in history, with a victory margin of 3 number lead.

    The final of the 2022 Super Bowl started at the SoFi stadium with all energy-filled among players as well as the fans, and concluded with the LA Rams, securing the title for the second time, over Cincinnati Bengals, who have never won one. Cincinnati Bengals had great chances to win the Super Bowl of 2022, and according to many, they were the favorites. However, it was the Rams who laughed the last smile.

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    First title in 22 years for Los Angeles Rams

    This has been the first title for Los Angeles Rams in 22 years, as they won their first one in 1999. Overall it was a great fight for both the teams, as the match ended with a score of 23-20, with the LA Rams getting the upper hand.

    Comparing the stats of these two finalists, both gave each other tough competition. Coming to total yards covered, the Rams got the upper hand, as it was 313:305, on their side. Coming to rushing yards, Cincinnati Bengals were more efficient as the stat went 79:43 with their hand higher.

    In the comparison of passing yards, LA Rams were a bit ahead, as their covered number was 270, whereas Cincinnati Bengals’ were 226. Lastly, coming to the yards per play section, both teams covered were 4.7 and 5.0 respectively with Bengals having the laugh.

    The Champions

    Los Angeles registered netted the ball on regular intervals, and it never seems like they didn’t deserve the win. They played well, and efficiently conquered their opposition to become the 2022 Super Bowl champions.

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