LeBron James smashing records like never before!

LeBron James has taken the basketball world by storm and no one is surprised because he was probably ‘born’ that way. One record-breaking performance after the other is something we have all seen coming from him.

it is always a treat to watch him play and set new records to be broken. Many predict that he will score more points than anyone did in the history of the NBA and we can see him working towards that direction already. The way he broke the record of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was a sight to behold indeed!

The records LeBron James broke

The match that took place between Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Lakers kept everyone on the edge of their seats. How the Los Angeles Lakers overcame a 15 point deficit was simply marvelous. In this game itself, LeBron James broke the record of Kareem Abdul -Jabbar who was known to be the all-time leading regular season and playoff scorer. Jabbar had a record of 44, 149 combined points, and James scored a total of 44,152 points between the regular season and the playoffs.

Other records that have been broken by LeBron James

In 2017, he took the spot held by none other than Michael Jordan. Jordan was number one when it came to postseason scoring. James is however in position three when it comes to regular-season scoring.

James needs 500 more points to overtake Karl Malone who is in the second position now. To surpass Abdul-Jabbar as the number one regular-season scorer in NBA history, he needs less than 2000 points.

At the moment James is focusing on scoring an average of 29 points in each game, which is a huge deal in itself. We can all see that he is the next highest scorer in making.

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