Bill Gates’ Three key ways to make sure there isn’t any other Pandemic after Covid-19

    Bill Gates has been truly associated in the attempts to handle the Covid19 pandemic and he’s currently eyeing forward to the elimination of future pandemics. The Microsoft founder has written a book, named How to Prevent the Next Pandemic, where he has drafted the steps people should take, to ensure no other future spreads this much faster like Corona. 

    What is Mr. Bill Gates Saying?

    In Gates Notes blog, Mr. Gates mentioned that this is something he has been thinking about for a long time and the recent pandemic has made it clear that people need to prioritize discarding epidemics as a threat to humanity. He further added that he has been following Covid since its initial days of the outbreak, working with experts of the Gates Foundation who are championing a more reasonable response and have been confronting infectious diseases for decades now. 

    Gates stated that in this process he has learned a lot about the pandemic and how the next one could be stopped. That is why he started creating a book to share it with the people and ensure the world never suffers through such a situation again. 

    Mr Gates even said that no one should be convinced that a pandemic is capable of taking away millions of lives or thrashing the global economy. Rather, with proper investment and decisions, people could stop the intervention of any other pandemic. 

    What is Bill Gates’ Plan to Prevent Any Future Pandemic?

    In his book, Gates has outlined three crucial steps that people could adopt to handle situations better and prevent any future outbreak. 

    His major three steps are:

    • Constantly upgrading health systems including the developing countries. 
    • Building up a global pathogen surveillance capacity to apply resources sooner. 
    • Carrying on with the invocation across therapeutics, diagnostics and vaccines. 

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