Uncharted: What Could the Audience Expect from the Big Screen Adaptation of the Popular Video Game?

The new ‘Uncharted’ movie, an adaptation of the famous video game, has gone on air in some countries, with mixed reviews coming in. Starring as the treasure hunters Nate and Sully are Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg respectively. Fans would be excited to see them on the big screen again but what’s in for the film itself?

Uncharted: Let’s Have a Discussion on the Movie Plot 

Nate and Sully set out to recover a fortune lost by Ferdinand Magellan centuries ago. As the pairs are pursued around the globe by Moncada (Antonio Banderas), since he firmly believes he and his family are the legal heirs, Nate and Sully try to solve the puzzle to one of the world’s ancient mysteries and get themselves 5$ billion in treasure.

How are the Reviews Coming?

To be fair enough in this section, Uncharted has not been well granted, but many critics, have praised Tom Holland’s performance in the movie. According to The Guardian, “An efficient soulless hologram of a film where Tom Holland gives his all and the movie runs smooth enough with some spectacular touches.”

Credits: The Guardian

According to Empire, “The concluding 20 minutes, with a pirate-ship battle, takes up to the skies, lives up to the giddy, inventive spectacle of the source material but the movie is all ‘too-familiar’ throughout. 

The Independent has addressed the film to be “passionless and inert”, however, has praised Tom Holland’s performance in the movie. For Digital Spy, the movie is “bland” as they think the audience could see any old adventure movie rather than watching an Uncharted adaptation.  

Release Date in the USA

Uncharted will go on air in the USA on February 18th. However, the movie already had its premiere in different countries including the UK and Spain.

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