American Football quarterback Matthew Stafford is the best paid Super Bowl of 2022, but the lowest wage in 9 years among the top Super Bowl

Matthew Stafford has been the highest-paid player of the 2022 Super Bowl. For leading an NFL franchise in the Super Bowl, either an outstanding season or talented players are needed. And in that case, if you go for talents and young bloods, opening up your wallet to a great extent is necessary. LA Rams signed Matthew Stafford in the 2021 season, and in his first season, Stafford led his team into the Super Bowl.

How much Matthew Stafford earns?

Sources from Forbes state that Matthew Stafford earns a total of 22 million dollars and also earns 2 million dollars extra from the sponsors. However, Mathew Stafford has been earning the most in 2022, but it is the lowest among all the last nine Super Bowls. He surpassed the salary of Haloti Ngata which was 19.9 million dollars.

Credits: The Guardian

Top Earners of the 2021 Season

For the year 2021, the top earners in this field, off and on the pitch were –

  • Dak Prescott with 87 million dollars
  • Tom Brady with 72.5 million dollars
  • Patrick Mahomes with 44.8 million dollars
  • Aaron Rodgers with 33.4 million dollars
  • Trent Williams with 33.3 million dollars
  • Jonathan Allen with 31.2 million dollars
  • Russel Wilson with 31 million dollars
  • Trevor Lawrence with 30.8 million dollars
  • Jared Goff with 27.7 million dollars
  • Leonard Williams with 26.2 million dollars

Matt Stafford never won a playoff in his life before the 2021 season, and at present, it has changed to the scenario that he is leading a talented squad into the Super Bowl. Stafford is only 34 years old and has still many years left in his career. The Los Angeles Rams quarterback of the NFL is expected to reach further heights, in the upcoming time.

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