Better Call Saul Final Season To Release in Two Segments, Starting on this Date, Teaser Here

Better Call Saul Season 6 Trailer

Better Call Saul will return for its sixth and final season. Comprising two parts, the season will have a total of 13 episodes. The first seven episodes will be released on April 18th, and the remaining episodes will air from 11th July. 

A derivative of the sensational AMC crime drama series Breaking Bad, looked upon as one of the finest TV has ever offered its audience, developed by the originals Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould speaks about Bob Odenkirk’s character. Similar to the original, Better Call portrays the descent of Jimmy McGill, better called Saul Goodman, from a beautiful-hearted, reckless person, to a mean crooked lawyer the audience knows from Breaking Bad. 

Better Call Saul Moving Out of Breaking Bad’s Shadow 

The show was rejected as a cash grab, after its announcement. According to many, it was capitalizing on Breaking Bad’s massive popularity. However, soon after that Better Call Saul emerged out to be something to stand alone in its feet with its own potential and moved out from Breaking Bad’s shadow.

What do the Audience think about Better Call Saul?

Many people think Better Call is as good as Breaking Bad, while some think it’s even better than the latter even if it lacks big twists and turns that feature the tale of Walter White- though that has been modifying for the last two years. 

While Breaking Bad has been a spectacular explosion, Better Call Saul is a tragic tale displayed in slow-motion. 

Gould stated in a recent statement that in his eyes it is the most surprising and heartbreaking season. He further added, even in tough situations, writers, producers, cast and crew have delivered their best and he couldn’t be more excited to share what the team has accomplished together. 

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