Barcelona’s financial condition will improve after the renovation

In the next month, i.e., in March 2020, Joan Laporta will complete the first year of his second spell of being the president of Barcelona FC, and it seems like he is looking forward to turning his club away from the financial uncertainty, that has surrounded Camp Nou for long, since then when he has been in this position.

Apart from the players Laporta also seems to have set his focus on the financial condition of the club and he hopes that the club will again secure a lot of revenue, which will eliminate the financial uncertainty after it gets renovated. However, all these plans primarily count upon if the club receives 1.5 billion euros to start work at Camp Nou and Espai Barca.

Barcelona get sponsored by Spotify

Barcelona has reached an agreement with the music streaming platform Spotify, and it is estimated that the club will receive an amount of 225 million euros. In return, Spotify will sponsor the men as well as women’s shirts, including their training wear. In addition to that, Spotify will have rights to the stadium for a minimum of the next three seasons.

It is expected that each year, Barcelona will receive an income of 20 million euros from the sponsorship of Spotify, which even seems to be more than the deal of Manchester City with Etihad, which is 15 million euros.

Income in 4 years

Barcelona has set long-term plans and it is expected that in 4 years, i.e., 2026 onwards, the club will earn more than 200 million euros. The debts of Barcelona in their poor financial condition at present will be cleared with ease then. Also, Barcelona will regain their former financial stability which will also help them to get high costing players in the transfer market, without being in any debt.

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