You will soon be able to post lengthy tweets on Twitter

    According to media outlet CNET, Twitter is working on a new feature called Articles to allow users to produce long-form postings that go above the existing 280-character limit.

    Jane Manchung Wong, a tech writer, was the first to notice the new capacity. “Twitter is working on ‘Twitter Articles’ and the ability to create one within Twitter. Possibility (of) a new long-form format on Twitter,” Wong wrote on Thursday.

    According to a Twitter representative, the social media company is continually looking for new methods “to help users start and engage in conversations.” According to the spokeswoman, more information on Twitter’s work will be released soon.

    Because the business hasn’t said much about Twitter Articles, it’s unclear whether the function will be exclusive to paid Twitter Blue members or available to all Twitter users. Users were not comfortable presenting their views in such a restricted space thus Twitter extended the character limit for tweets to 280 characters in 2017 from the previous restriction of 140 characters.

    The microblogging platform rose to prominence initially because it required users to express themselves in a limited number of characters. Users could, however, contribute photographs that could be screenshots from lengthy articles.

    Twitter’s competitors, Facebook and Reddit, already allow users to compose lengthy comments and posts.

    Meanwhile, The Verge revealed in January that Twitter is working on a new feature called ‘Flock,’ which will allow users to share tweets with a specified group of individuals. Instagram’s Close Friends feature inspired this function. Last July, Twitter teased the new feature, which was then dubbed “Trusted Friends.” According to The Verge, mobile engineer Alessandro Paluzzi said the functionality is starting to take shape.

    The feature would allow Twitter users to confine their remarks to a small group of friends, as opposed to the present practice of making profiles public and enabling anybody to view, comment, and retweet them.


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