Senegal emerges victoriously at the AFCON 2022 final on penalty shootout

    Senegal National team shocked the whole football world, as they emerges victoriously at the showdown of AFCON 2022, by beating Egypt, in a penalty shootout. Paul Biya Stadium saw history being created as Senegal for the first time, won the Africa Cup of Nations, beating the most successful team in this tournament, Egypt having 7 titles overall. Senegal’s superstar footballer, Sadio Mane led Senegal to glory by registering the final as well as the winning penalty.

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    Credits: Sada El balad

    The Match

    The match started with tough fights between the two nations with were the 7 times AFCON champion Egypt locked horns with Senegal who were aspiring to become the champions for the first time. The match saw no goals till halftime, and there were no goals till 90 minutes as well.

    The fight was at the peak, at the additional time, but still in vain as no goals were sorted by either side. The most surprising thing at the AFCON 2022 final was that not only did Senegal beat Egypt in the penalty shootout, but they also had better stats and performance during their respective performances at the pitch.

    Team Stats

    The total number of shots taken by Senegal was 13, on which 8 were on target, whereas Egypt took 7 shots, in which 3 were on target. Senegal did 58% of ball possession, whereas 42% were done by Egypt. The passing accuracy of the winning team was 81%, whereas the runner-ups did 76%.

    First Title in History

    After everything and a massive fight between the two, the match came to be decided for the penalty shootout. Here also, the winners defeated their opponents by a big margin which was 4-2, and their star player Sadio Mane netted the last goal of the match, leading Senegal to be the champions.

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