Batman arrives in GTA V with his full arsenal of Bat-Gadgets to Kick some Ass

    A highly realistic Batman mod for Grand Theft Auto 5 has been made, featuring numerous Batsuits, gadgets, a dozen bat vehicles, and more. JulioNIB, who has previously modded Godzilla, Superman, and Jaws into the game, unveiled their newest invention on February 2 with a video demonstrating its features (spotted by GameRant).

    The Batman Script Mod by JUlioNIB allows PC users to sprint, glide, and grapple about Los Santos while wearing numerous Batsuits (or simply walking around as an uncostumed Bruce Wayne). The mod also adds its melee combat, which is evocative of the Arkham series and contains slow-motion finishers from that series.

    There are a total of 12 bat vehicles available, including the 1989 Batmobile and the Tumbler from The Dark Knight Trilogy. They may be summoned, dispatched, and even have their arsenal of weaponry. Machine guns, rockets, homing missiles, spikes are thrown from the back to flatten tires, a grappling hook, slippery oil that sends pursuing vehicles spinning off, and a self-destruct mode for when things go wrong are all included in the Tumbler’s arsenal.

    The Batcycle and Batplane are two further vehicles, with the latter including a bodyguard mode to protect the player while combating (or committing) crime. The original Batarang, as well as the remote control mode from the Arkham games, are among the devices that Batman can deploy. Disarm mode, smoke, electric, incendiary, freeze, and explosive versions are all available and do exactly what they say on the tin.

    The Batclaw, which can grasp onto buildings, planes, and opponents, can also use these diverse attacks. The Disruptor Gun, like the hacking mechanic in Watchdogs: Legion, adds to the pandemonium by sending vehicles out of control. A Krypto Spear used to impale adversaries from afar or up close, Shock Gloves, and pellets that burst with smoke, fire, and ice are also offered to the player.

    The mod is presently in pre-release and is only available to JulioNIB’s Patreon supporters. They’ll now “start a new project and leave Batman script ‘silent’ for a while,” according to JulioNIB, but ideally, it won’t be too long before it obtains a release version.

    The mod is inspired by Rocksteady’s Arkham series, which is rumored to be coming to Nintendo Switch. With the release of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League being postponed until 2023, this mod may be the closest we’ll get to a fresh Rocksteady experience in a long time.


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