The treble-winning season of Barca Women is the topic of a new documentary

    Barca Women’s historic treble-winning season has been immortalized in a documentary series produced by Barça TV+, which will air worldwide on February 25.

    Barca’s New Documentary

    Matchday Queens of the Pitch is a documentary about the club that won their first-ever Champions League title, the league, and the Copa de la Reina in the 2020/21 season. Aside from their accomplishments, this was a squad that drew worldwide admiration and acclaim for its style of play, values, and commitment to women’s sport through fan interest and passion.

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    Barca will conduct an event at the Palau de la Msica Catalana in Barcelona on February 25 to commemorate the documentary’s premiere, in which several club representatives will take part and one of the documentary’s episodes will be presented.

    Barca Studios, the hub that brings together the creation, production, and commercialization of FC Barcelona audio-visual content, produced Matchday-Queens of the Pitch. Their cameras caught rare footage of the team, players, coaching staff, and the day-to-day activities of training, travel, and bonding among a group of people who consider themselves family.

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    Releasing with Two Episodes

    The photos capture the players’ collective strength and personality, including captain Vicky Losada, who is in her final season with the club, and current Ballon d’Or winner Alexia Putellas, who has been a vital pillar in their sporting success.

    The series, which is distributed across six 30-minute episodes and will be available worldwide via Barca TV+ in three languages, Catalan, Spanish, and English, demonstrates values such as teamwork, strength, the ability to overcome challenges, humility, and a connection with the supporters.

    The first two episodes will be available on the platform on February 25th, the first for free with registration and the second for a membership. Following that, the remaining episodes will be distributed every week, also as a subscription service.

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