All you need to know about Dream Raider Season 1

Dream Raider Season 1 Official Trailer

The latest Asain drama, ‘Dream Raider’ is receiving a lot of hype nowadays. Set in the near future, the show depicts a team of police officers and scientists. This team makes efforts to prevent a criminal group from hacking into people’s minds and coercing them to get involved in crimes. Having been released in several countries, ‘Dream Raider’ is now making an appearance on HBO Max in the USA.

Dream Raider: Cast

Under the fantastic direction of Simon Hung and Daniel Fu, the series features an outstanding cast. It comprises Vivian Hsu, David Wang, Jason Wang, Weber Yang, Wu Ke-Xi, Ellen Wu, Jun Kunimura, Garfield Chung, Aggie Hsieh, and Bella Wu.

The film was shot in Taiwan after getting backed by the Taipei Film Commission and the Taipei Cultural Foundation.

HBO Trailer

The series has got plenty of trailers. It stems from the fact that HBO Asia produced this show more than a year ago. Moreover, all the eight episodes present in the first season have had international releases.

The show does not pertain to breaking the genre extensively. Also, there is no specific innovative element. However, it contains the potential to direct several other Asain filmmakers to enter the wide variety of science fiction in the future. In other words, Dream Raider has paved the way for more creations of a sci-fi drama that will enthrall the audience.

It is not merely another Asian version of Inception. There is a lot more than that.

The show also features plenty of commentaries. There have been several reactions to the show as well. So, before starting or once you start watching the show, you can have a look at the online reaction that has already been present for almost two years.

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