NFL legend Tom Brady announces his retirement

    NFL’s legendary Tom Brady has retired his announcement on Tuesday. The superstar of the NFL world made countless records, including having the most wins of all time, air yards and touchdowns, Super Bowl titles, etc., but can also boast having received the most money which is earned in the NFL. Yes, it is indeed Tom Brady.

    Having an age of 44 and spending half of his life, playing 22 seasons in the league the great Brady has accumulated 292.9 million dollars throughout his spectacular career, which is the result of his salaries, incentives, and bonuses.

    The reason behind Tom Brady surpassing everyone in the NFL

    Despite not taking into account sponsorships with various brands, Brady, the seven-time  Super Bowl winner is at the top of the list of highest earners in the history of the NFL. Brady is 23 million dollars ahead of second place, Drew Bress who has also retired, and the top 5 is completed with Matt Ryan, Ben Roethlisberger, and Aaron Rodgers. And the latter one in this list can beat the former quarterback of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

    Not the highest paid of his career

    However, Tom Brady’s massive earnings during his entire career were not a consequence of the quarterback being the highest-paid player in the NFL only. In the previous year of 2021, Brady earned the most in that single year which was 29 million dollars. However, this value barely managed to rank 5th in the total earnings along with all the athletes of the sport.

    It is necessary to keep in mind that in the first two seasons Brady’s hard incomes of 231,500 dollars and 372,160 dollars respectively. At that time, he didn’t receive any signing bonus as one of the top drafts picks as the greatest of all time was selected in the 199th pick in the NFL Draft of 2000.

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