New HD Texture Pack for Resident Evil 2 Remake Makes the Game Look Even Better with Over 100 High-Quality Textures

It’s difficult not to mention Resident Evil while discussing survival horror, given that it’s one of the genre’s most influential and long-running franchises. With Resident Evil 2’s 24th anniversary coming up soon, it’s a franchise that has not only endured the test of time but is also seeing a rebirth owing to new releases and remakes. While both the RE2 remake and the RE3 remake are aesthetically amazing games in general, one modder decided to try to improve the aesthetics with a new HD texture pack.

User Ashok just uploaded the file to NexusMods, ensuring that the 2019 recreation of Resident Evil 2 is given a few graphic tweaks to make the game sparkle. The mod, which uses assets from both this game and the RE3 remake, is an overhaul that contains higher resolutions of more than 100 textures, with resolutions ranging from 1K to 4K. Images on the mod page, for example, show side-by-side comparisons of the vanilla game with the high-definition version, demonstrating improved clarity in things like signage and posters.

It may not appear to be much, but it all contributes to the game’s overall appearance and feel. After all, Resident Evil 2 may be hacked and altered in a variety of ways, which is common in the PC gaming world. Ashok’s HD texture pack is certainly fascinating for anyone interested in upgrading their games, especially for fans who are concerned with graphical accuracy or simply wish to clean up some of the game’s fuzzier features.

The fact that both RE2 and RE3 now have VR mods demonstrates that both remakes, as well as the franchise as a whole, still have a lot of potential. It’s never been a better moment to be a Resident Evil fan, with a fan-made version of the series’ best instalment, Resident Evil 4, on the way.

Resident Evil has been regarded as one of the most influential horror series of all time throughout the industry’s history, and it’s easy to see why. While new releases continue to break sales records, the earlier games serve as influences that have helped form the genre. It’s hardly surprising that so many people want to modify games to make them last longer.

The Resident Evil 2 remake is now available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.


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