“The Witcher (Season 3)”: The Production of the series has started

    The good news is The Witcher Season 3 is getting ready to start the production and according to the series of Instagram posts from the last creative team and noticed by the eagle-eyed with the enthusiast site Redanian Intelligence.

    The Witcher

    It seems that the posts aggregated by that outlet, the producer of Witcher Steve Gaub, and the executive producer  Lauren Schmidt-Hissrich sharing images explicitly that stating with their captions at the environments documented with the consideration of Season 3. As Gaub writes in one post, “We definitely won’t be and going very small in Season 3 of @witchernetflix.” It is very simple that Hissrich wrote in a post with reference to script formatting. Additionally, in the below image, you can hop over to these Instagram links for getting the first taste of what Season 3 at least virtually will have in store.

    The second season of The Witcher hit on Netflix in mid-December 2021 and it should not come as a shock that Season 3 and moving forward very quickly.  When doing press for Season 2 in December, Hissrich has been mentioned in several interviews that they had already nearly done with writing the next season. As it had declared back in October 2021 also by Hissrich, Season 3 will “follow a particular book very closely…has a lot of action, some death. ”Hissrich also told that the next season  will be “really fun.”

    In addition to the main show, Netflix currently just released the animated film The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf, while there is a prequel live-action series, The Witcher: Blood Origin is in the works. Additionally, a second animated Witcher film and a new “kids and family” series set in the world of The Witcher are on the way as well.

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