Eternals Cast: Reason Behind Cutting Short Kit Harrington’s Screen Time When He is Black Knight

    Eternals, the third cinematic edition of the fourth segment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, now streaming on Disney+, has introduced an entirely new group of superheroes: the Eternals, a race of superhuman beings that the Celestials created to protect the earth. But in the Cholé Zhao directed movie, they aren’t the only debuting characters. Audiences can find Kit Harington too, portraying Dane Whitman, the future Black Knight. 

    The Game of Thrones actor is seen for a little time on screen in Eternals. He’s just being displayed as the Natural History Museum’s employee, located in London and Sersi’s (played by Gemma Chan) current love interest. Only at the movie end, in the second post-credit scene, fans could grab a tiny glimpse of the actual potential of this particular character in upcoming MCU  editions. 

    Who is Black Knight?

    According to the comics, Dane Whitman belongs to MI13 which is a supremely secretive Intelligence agency, whose aim is to keep the United Kingdom protected from magical, superhuman and alien threats. His family legacy joined by Ebony Blade, a massively powerful weapon allows this character to be a part of the elite group. 

    The comics state, Merlin, the famous sorcerer of Arthurian legends, created this weapon from the Starstone meteorite. Merling collaborated with Sir Percy of Scandia, to turn the meteor into various weapons. 

    The Movie Eternals Removed Scenes and the Black Knight in MCU

    Eternals might be the film that first gave us the glimpse of Dane Cook and Ebony Blade, the sword was actually going to turn up first in Doctor Strange. Barry Gibbs, head of Props for movie casting Benedict Cumberbatch, stated back in 2016 that the sword will have its debut in the first edition of Marvel’ Sorcerer Supreme.

    Could that be an indication of seeing more about the character in the upcoming film, Doctor Strange In the Multiverse of Madness? The only thing fans could anticipate is that the supernatural will have a big role to play in the MCU’s upcoming entries and they are eagerly waiting for the same.

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