Top 10 changes of the F1 2022 Season

    The F1 season will be the new campaign for all the formula 1 drivers and the racing world. The racing world will see various changes that will be introduced in the new season in 2022. Alongside changes in the list of the F1 drivers, the new campaign will also administer the Formula 1 universe with various changes, especially in the F1 cars. Check them out in the section below.

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    Top 10 F1 Race changes for the year 2022

    Tyres – The first change that the F1 universe will witness is the alteration of tyres, in terms of their size. The 150-year-old tyre manufacturer, Pirelli will do the work of producing the tires of the 10 teams this year. Reports state that instead of the 13 inches tyres, there will be 18-inch low profile tyres in 2022.

    Wheel Covers – The wheel covers were last seen in 2009. After 13 years, the covers will be back, which will assist in removing the turbulent air, which is caused by the wheels.

    Aerodynamics – In the new 2022 F1 cars, there will be fully shaped underfloor tunnels. This will eventually increase the amount of downforce, produced by the car.

    Front Wing and nose – In the 2022 campaign, a brand new concept of front wing and nose will be introduced to the F1 cars. The shape of the front wing will be considerably changed. They will do the work of generating downforce as well as producing less turbulent air for the car.

    Overcoming downforce loss – Another brand new concept that would be introduced to the 2022 F1 campaign, will be to minimize the loss of downforce. Reports state that a trailing car faces around a 50 per cent downforce loss owing to dirty or turbulent air.

    Rear Wing Changes – In the new F1 cars of 2022, the rear wings of the cars will consist of new rolled tips. These mushroom-shaped tips will assist in reducing the dirty air.

    Sustainable Fuel – The fuel of the cars will be changed from 2022. Compared to last year fuel used by the cars, which was 5% to 7%, this year the fuel used by the cars will be 10%.

    Power Units – Though there won’t be much changed in the power units of the cars, compared to the previous year, however, for this year, the bodywork will be different focusing on the safety of both the car as well as the driver.

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