PUBG New State gets Rebranded to New State Mobile

    PUBG New State has undergone a minor rebranding and is now just referred to as New State Mobile. Nobody knows what sparked this shift, but the internet is buzzing with speculation that Krafton’s aspirations for New State go beyond Mobile.

    New State Mobile claimed in a recent Twitter post that the game has always been a mobile-focused experience and that the renaming is just a reaffirmation of that commitment. However, given how different PUBG New State is from the original PUBG brand in terms of aesthetic and even gameplay, New State’s future may rest outside of the mobile game arena.

    Krafton recently took PUBG: Battlegrounds on PC and Console in a new, free-to-play path, and New State could have value as an independent IP alongside PUBG in that arena.

    The game’s splash screen still says “PUBG New State,” but all promotional materials now state “New State Mobile,” and the app’s name has also been modified. So far, Krafton hasn’t announced their plans to release a New State game on consoles and computers.

    The battle royale genre appears to be growing in popularity, with numerous developers demonstrating a high level of inventiveness in a highly competitive genre. Perhaps Krafton sees New State as a worthwhile complement to PUBG: Battlegrounds, as an experience with a more futuristic feel.

    A PC and console sequel to PUBG: Battlegrounds was canceled to focus resources on the present game, resulting in the move to free-to-play in 2022. There’s a good probability that New State for PC and Mobile will be the ideal solution.

    It will be interesting to observe how Krafton approaches New State Mobile. For the time being, the developers have guaranteed New State Mobile that upgrades will continue throughout the year, with the next one scheduled for February. Or it could simply be an attempt to avoid reminding people that this is a PUBG game following the PUBG Mobile incident in India.


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