The real reason behind Ronaldo’s blocking of the Transfermarkt on Instagram

    Portuguese legend Cristiano Ronaldo was pleased when he witnessed that Transfermarkt had provided him with a valuation of 75 million euros during the time when he was in Juventus, which eventually led him to block the Instagram account of that website.

    Transfermarkt released a graphic comprising of the most valuable players selected by Jorge Mendes, but that led CR7 to send them a private message complaining about his price tag. They commented on their own post that they can’t tag Cristiano Ronaldo because he blocked them, following the fact that he saw their market value.

    Transfermarkt’s coordinator in this regard

    Christian Swartz, the coordinator of Transfermarkt said in this regard to some sources that the employees of the social department of the website tried to explain Cristiano Ronaldo, with the fact that why he was valued at 75 million euros.

    At first, Ronaldo sent a message to their social media, and they answered him with the explanation that among the people in CR7’s own age group he is by far the number one. Swartz also added that they think it was a difference of 30 to 50 million pounds between Cristiano and the next player residing in the list. Following these, he sent some smilies to them and then blocked them.

    The Most expensive player

    The most expensive player in the team of Jorge Mendes was the midfielder, Bernardo Silva, from Manchester City having a value of 100 million euros at that time. The graphic was published after 1 year, and at the time when Ronaldo returned to Manchester United from Juventus and at present, he has been good showing his efficiency. So far in this season, the Portuguese legend has appeared for the Red Devils in 24 matches and has registered 14 goals.

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