Real Madrid agreeing on a deal to exploit the new Bernabeu

    The work at Estadio Santiago Bernabeu has progressed a lot, and with that, the La Liga giants, i.e., Real Madrid have agreed on a 25-year deal with the famous sports and event company, Legends having a worth of 400 million euros per annum. The deal along with its agreement is being done with one of the leading organizations in that particular sector does various works alongside some of the biggest venues of the world as well.

    As per Voz Populi, this particular deal will allow the US-based company to use up 20% of the exploitation of the stadium, which will be added to their impressive portfolio as well. The stadium is framed for playing football matches, however can also be used by the women’s team along with playing basketball.

    The details of the Stadium

    The stadium is to be completed during the initial phase of 2023, and it is said that sports won’t be the only activity that will take place in the stadium. It will cost about 800 to 900 million euros for the stadium building work. However, Real Madrid is expected to bring an increased income with the reason of paying off the costs.

    As per reports, the football arena will be opened for 300 event days in a single year which would consist of trade shows, concerts, exhibitions, along various sports events, with the availability of social and hospitality locations.

    In addition to that, there will also be a skywalk surrounding the stadium which would include some of the biggest restaurants in Spain and will be invited to make proposals for those particular places.

    Besides, there will also be the presence of new VIP zones that have 25,000 square meters and above, for setting Real Madrid at the forefront of the sector.

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