As We See It, the New Amazon Prime Show: Is it Worth the Time?

Over the past few years, television has started considering the reality faced by people having functional diversity and more typically, the prominent hardships the people with autism spectrum disorders come across regularly. Popular series such as The Good Doctor, Atypical, The A Word and even Sesame Street could provide them with a platform to showcase their own stories, and now there’s another addition to the list: As We See It.

The new Amazon Prime Video series premiered on 21st January, last Friday. It explores the story of people with autism spectrum disorder and helps the audience to dive into their journey towards acceptance.

The Jason Katims created series revolves around the lives of three young people (aged somewhere in the 20s), having autism spectrum. They share a flat and try to seek a place in today’s complicated society, and with their families’ help and themselves their journey will turn out to be exceptional.

As We See It: Displaying Autism in a Respectful Way

Jason Katims, the series creator was clear about the perception regarding the display of the autistic spectrum in reality. He stated that the characters were picked to be portrayed by actors with this particular neurodiversity.

He further added that they are still a part of team creative where diversity is present too. Katims acknowledged his experience on the same since his son has Autism too and that’s what inspired him for this series. All the eight episodes for the series, As We, See It is now available to watch on Amazon Prime.

As We See It: How are the Reviews Coming?

Eric Deggans from NPR remarked the series to be emotional and touching, with a massively compelling storyline. Then, Brian Lowry from penned it as ‘heartbreaking and touching’ and further pointed out that the series should be celebrated.

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