“Three Songs for Benazir”: The trailer reveals a short glimpse of the Afghan Lives

    Netflix has revealed the official trailer of the documentary ‘Three songs for Benazir’. It is a 22-minute award-winning short film by filmmakers Gulistan and Elizabeth Mirazaei. It is also up to the grab for the Oscars and recently into the long list.

    It also got Best Short Film at the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival and also come as the nominee at the 15th annual Cinema  Eye Honors. This short film reveals such extraordinary real-life talk of the two Afghan teenagers that literally focuses on the entire Afghan life that has become disrupted after the attack of the Taliban terrorist. This story is about love, risk, danger, and also survival.

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    Three songs for Benazir: Plot

    The story of the film reveals about two Afghan teenagers in a camp for displaced people in Kabul. It starts with such words of Afghan teen, “ We will either be bombed by the foreigners or killed by the Taliban.” It is the story of Afghan teen Shaista who is a young man who just married Benazir and who has been living in the relocation camp Kabul, Afghanistan.

    The love of Shaista for Benazir is palpable. It seems that the choices he has to make for building a life with her have been profound consequences. It is a tale of contemporary Afghans who live, love and seek space for themselves in the midst of such constant instability.

    Three Songs for Benazir - Full Frame Documentary Film Festival

    Shaista is struggling to balance his dreams as the first of his tribe to join the Afghan National Army that is against the responsibilities of beginning a family. There is also such remarkable access of Gulistan and Elizabeth Mirzaei showering some light on to the experience of such contemporary Afghans who are living, living, and also seeking some space to modify their lives in this constant instability condition.

    Three songs for Benazir: Cast

    This short film has been co-directed by the filmmaker couple Elizabeth Mirzaei & Gulistan Mirzaei. They are the directors of the dock, Laila, at the bridge previously. It has been produced by Omar Mullick, Humayoun Noori, and Jamil Rezaei.

    Netflix Scoops Up 'Three Songs for Benazir' for Doc Shorts Slate - Variety

    Three songs for Benazir: Release date

    This short film has set to release on 24th January 2022. It is seeming to be remarkably compassionate and also very hopeful and also shows the personal lives of the people who could never imagine it.

    Here is the trailer:

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