Meat Loaf Leaves Behind a Prolific Legacy: Top 5 Songs To Remember Him

    Meat Loaf, the 74-year old legendary singer and sensational actor passed away Thursday night, keeping behind one of the terrific selling albums of all time: Bat Out of Hell. His family took to his Facebook page to confirm this saddening news.

    The statement had the grieving news, stating about the passing away of the legendary personality with broken hearts from their family members. It further added, his wife Deborah was by his side and his daughters Pearl and Amanda alongside their closest friends were with him for the last 24 hours.

    Meat Loaf sold 100 million music albums worldwide. He was even a part of the movies such as Fight Club (1999) playing bodybuilder Robert Paulsen, Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) as the unlucky delivery boy Eddie as well as in Wayne’s World (1992).

    Meat Loaf: His Top 5 Ever-remembering Songs

    Creating a “top five list” of a genius artist, who has just left us, is difficult. However, to pay our tribute and honour Meat Loaf’s works and legacy, there’s no better way than music. These songs are the ones that would beep up in mind whenever someone mentions him.

    • Bat Out of Hell
    • I’d Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That)
    • Dead Ringer for Love
    • Paradise By the Dashboard Light
    • Hot Patootie Bless My Soul
    • Meat Loaf: Knowing More About Him

    The man was a legend, dedicated to arts for nearly more than six decades. He won the 1993 Grammy Award for bragging the best solo rock performance for the ever-special I’d Do Anything For Love. Michael Lee Aday (his real name) got popular after the release of his debut album in 1977, Bat Out of Hell Trilogy. It is not only a highly praised work but one of the best-selling in the industry’s history.

    During his studies at North Texas University, he got his nickname. He even hold an interest in football and played the same before shifting on to land roles on Broadway like the Rockabye Hamlet and the musical hair.

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