Francisco Trincao: The Nutmeg King of Premier League

Portuguese young talent Francisco Trincao came from Sporting Braga to Camp Nou, i.e., Barcelona in 2021 as a promising player for a total of 31 million euros. However, despite being a winger he registered only three goals for Los Blaugrana, but incredibly performed a mammoth total of 1309 assists.

Under the reign of Ronald Koeman, the former manager of Barcelona, Francisco didn’t play much on the pitch, and consequently set his way off Barcelona FC this summer, and joined Premier League’s Wolverhampton Wanderers on a loan deal. Till now, Trincao has spent 991 minutes for Wolves and has made 18 appearances. Till now Trincao has scored only one goal which came in the Wolves’ victory over Nottingham Forest by a score of 4-0.

Bruno Laga in this regard of Francisco Trincao

Bruno Laga, the coach of Francisco Trincao said in this regard that sometimes Trincao needs to understand the game a bit better. He certainly needs to adapt when he comes overseas.

However, Trincao has shown several signs of how skilful he is, and has also gained the name of Nutmeg King of Premier League in the present season. Incredibly a stat suggests that not only in England but also in Europe, none of the footballers in the top five leagues has been managed more than his 0.96 per 90 minutes in this season completed 10.

Most Nutmegs in Europe’s top five league

The top 5 players having the most nutmegs among Europe’s top five leagues are –

  • Trincao from Wolves has scored a total of 10, at 0.96 per 90 minutes.
  • Dennis from Watford has scored a total of 12, at 0.78 per 90 minutes.
  • Diaby from Bayer Leverkusen has scored 11 at 0.69 per 90 minutes.
  • Caprari from Hellas Verona has scored a total of 11 at 0.67 per 90 minutes.
  • Mbabu from Wolfsburg has scored total 7 at 0.65 per 90 minutes.
  • Wimmer from Arminia has scored a total of 7 per 90 minutes.

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