Robert Downey Jr Was Envious Towards Chris Hemsworth, Stated ‘F*** this guy’, States Jeremy Renner

    The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s maddening success isn’t unknown by anyone, even after more than a decade of existence, the craze remains unshattered. However many things could have gone unplanned if the early movies didn’t see success and failed to earn appreciation from the critics and the audience. It was the crazy success of the initial editions that MCU is a billion dollars franchise today. What started with Robert Downey Jr starred Iron Man gradually turned out to be a piece of global recognition and fanship.

    A significant thing to manage was gathering multiple actors and having them play well with each other, keeping their egos aside. Jeremy Renner, known for iconizing Clint Barton aka Hawkeye’s character, and who recently turned up on the Disney Plus series on the character, opened up about Chris Hemsworth and how they were unfamiliar with his works in the initial days.

    Jeremy Renner Speaks Up What RDJ Remarked on Hemsworth’s Initial Visits On the Sets

    In a recent interview, Renner talked about his experience from the shooting days of The Avengers, back in 2012. He stated while he, RDJ and Scarlett Johansson (plays Black Widow) were familiar with each other, Chris Hemsworth (plays Thor) was a new entry to the team. “It was like joining a new team”, stated Renner and said he wasn’t known to the Australian star Hemsworth.

    He went on to say how the Australian star made a smashing impression on the cast and crew, being “the tallest” and the “most good-looking.” It led RDJ to remark “F*** this guy!”

    Renner further added that he’s (Hemsworth) amazing but they didn’t know him at that time. On the beginning day, they were parading in their respective costumes and it somewhat appeared like a Halloween, bringing both excitement and ridiculously amazing feelings! They all knew each other some way or the other except for Hemsworth as he hailed from Australia. It made Downey remark “We gotta take him out, he’s too good-looking! F*** this guy!”

    The off-screen ‘ego’ converted to onscreen faceoff as evident from the picture! However, they united later to fight Loki and Chitauri’s threats.

    The Avengers has been an amazing journey loaded with fun, humour, comics, thrills, stunts, action, emotions and love! The franchise has come out to be one of the greatest ever in the history of cinema with billions of fans scattered all around the globe and a sky-high craze!

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