Spider-Man No Way Home Writer Reveals the Brotherhood Idea Between the Three Superheroes

    Spider-Man: No Way Home left the fans mad with craze and excitement with Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield turning up in the movie, making way for the audience to witness three spider man versions onscreen. The bliss of viewing the old spidermen on the silver screen even refreshed the memories of the old movies of the franchise and it was nothing less than an absolute delight.

    The marvellous yet emotional bonding between the three of them (Tom Holland playing the lead protagonist in the Marvel Spider-Man franchise) created an emotional feeling among the fans and got them teary-eyed.

    Spider-Man No Way Home Writers Speak About the Brotherhood Idea

    According to the writers, Erik Sommers and Chris McKenna, the brotherhood idea worked wonders for everyone. In a recent chat, McKenna said the entire idea of older, middle and younger brothers amazingly worked for everyone.

    He spoke of Tobey bringing the Zen-like attitude and going through a lot, he’s the elder brother. Speaking about Andrew Garfield, he said they picked him right from the place he was by the end of Amazing Spider-Man 2 and maybe he had things to prove to himself and others. Maybe he separated himself from others and that was an opportunity!

    Garefile’s iconic dialogue, ‘I have always wanted to have brothers’ got the desired massively emotional and supportive reaction from the audience! Talking about the same McKenna said that it is an opportunity for him too to heal from the dark and spot the light in the darkness he is in.

    McKenna further added that they desired to make every character-specific and different to avoid a mere curtain call for all of them. They had the plan to organically pull them from the movie and it was not just about showing up without any context!

    Spider-Man No Way Home Saw Tom Holland’s Spider-Man fighting against villains from the multiverse alongside Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield and got maddening pleasure from the audience!

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