Fan-made mod of Titanfall 2 might be the solution we were looking for

    Northstar, a fan-made Titanfall 2 mod, could be the answer fans have been looking for to fix the game’s recurring online issues. According to PC Gamer, the Northstar mod was launched in December and allows Titanfall 2 players to host their servers. For the Titanfall community, this is a huge and crucial addition to the game, as it allows players to bypass Titanfall 2’s official servers while also addressing the game’s ongoing DDoS difficulties.

    Titanfall 2’s official servers, like those of other modern shooters, use matchmaking playlists to allow players to quickly join games. However, weaknesses in the game’s servers have rendered them vulnerable to some hacker attacks over the years, rendering the game essentially unusable for the game’s fandom for long periods.

    According to PC Gamer, the Northstar update essentially moves away from matchmaking and instead encourages players to use an old-school browser system. While the new system’s servers can still be attacked theoretically, the procedure is slightly more complicated and less likely to create widespread problems. The Save Titanfall Twitter account, which is run by the community, exemplified this point even more.

    “I’ve seen a few people asking if this “gets rid of attacks”,” explains the account. “And the short answer is yes. If an attacker wants to crash your server, they will have to track down the server’s IP address. Private games not on the master server will be impossible to track down & crash.”

    This Titanfall 2 piece is well worth reading if you want to learn more about the game’s infamous history with DDoS assaults. While EA eventually dropped Titanfall 2, the larger tale detailed in the essay involves a bizarre hacking drama, a forty-page document of gathered evidence known as Operation Red Tape, conspiracy theories, and a journalist caught in the center of it all. If you’ve read all of that, you should also read our review of the game, in which we gave it a 9/10.


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