Bill Gates Urges People to Take Omicron Seriously, Predicts When the Pandemic could be Over

    The Microsoft co-founder, Bill Gates has urged people to take the new variant, Omicron, seriously till more information regarding the same is to be discovered. He took to his Twitter handle to share his opinion on the latest Covid 19 variant, concerning the surge in cases in recent times. He further revealed how he has cancelled his holiday plans and requests people to take the spread of the new variant more seriously.

    Gates stated that when it felt like life would get back to normal, it could be the worst part waiting ahead. Omicron could create major adversaries and that is why he has put a pause to all his holiday plans with close ones. He even fears that how Omicron is spreading faster than any other variant and how it will be soon in every country.

    Gates further worries how Omicron can sick people. He requests the mass to show more concern regarding the same until detailed information is available. Concerning the variant’s infectiousness, it could be even more harmful even though not dangerous as Delta.

    When Will The Pandemic be Over: Bill Gates’ Prediction

    Gates fairly believes there could be a permanent pause to the ongoing pandemic, given proper restrictions are imposed and people maintain the safety protocols. He predicts the pandemic could be over by the next calendar year and the latest wave could continue up to three months.

    He even added though those few months could be difficult, sticking to the right steps could be helpful to draw a period in front of the pandemic in 2022. Gates put his thoughts on how it is hard to be into a holiday season with the threats of Covid all around but he firmly believes the right measures could be helpful to nurture better days soon!

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