Here is the list of 8 Great Films and Shows from 2021 streaming on Hulu

    When it comes to the reunion with the loved ones for the holidays, a post festivities, good old-fashioned film night is literally a mandatory thing. The streaming services are filled with a huge amount of content and it is very difficult to choose from it, mainly while the entire family is weighing in on what to watch.

    Hulu is one of the popular streaming services that one can subscribe to, and is also available fairly. The basic of Hulu begins at $7 monthly or $13 per month for going ad-free in between the originals. This month there are several anticipated shows waiting to hit on the service.

    Here is the list of film and series:


    9. Candified

    It is a challenging series hosted by Jackie Sorkin, in this the candy artists have been collaborated to develop the completely functional, 1000 square foot house that is crafted fully out of the candy without any interface un-candified. The artists have taken six weeks of making their dream candy home.

    See exclusive Letterkenny season 10 trailer |

    8. Letterkenny(Season 10)

    It seems that the oddballs of this show have been returned just in time for the post-Christmas holiday binge. It is a small town series that comes for the tenth season on December 26th on the Hulu platform.

    Will There Be PEN15 Season 2? | POPSUGAR Entertainment

    7.Pen15(Season 2)

    It is a raunchy teen drama show but definitely not the best choice for the family-friendly affair perspective. It is featuring Anna Konkle and Maya Erskine who have been captured the hilarious if not painfully awkward experience for navigating the teen social dynamics. The latest episode of season 2  has been premiered on 3rd December on Hulu.

    St. Vincent on Playing Herself, Satirically, in 'Nowhere Inn' Film - Variety

    6. The Nowhere Inn

    It is featuring Carrie Brownstein and Annie Clark based on a documentary about the musician who has been collaborated with a friend for the document of her life as a performing artist. After both have been fixated on their concepts on the side of Clark’s persona should also be captured in this movie.

    Devs (TV Mini Series 2020) - Photo Gallery - IMDb

    5. Devs

     It is mainly a limited series that premiered last year. If you are a sci-fi enthusiast then you should definitely watch it. This is mainly a mind blending thriller show that has set on the remote campus of the tech startup Amaya and also has been followed by the software engineer Lily Chan as she is determined to get the answer to the mysterious murder.

    4. Windows 11 review: an overhaul in progress

    The latest episodes of the show Always Sunny in Philadelphia will air on Wednesdays.

    It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (TV Series 2005– ) - IMDb

    3. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia(Season 15)

    It seems that everyone’s favourite clown will return this month in season 15 of the Always Sunny in Philadelphia. In the eight episodes, we have seen Mac, Charlie, Dennis, and Frank star for the record-breaking season that has mainly been cemented the series for the longest-running live-action sitcom in history.

    Trolls: TrollsTopia TV Series (2020) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You  Need to Know

    2. Trolls: Trollstopia

    All the new episodes of DreamWorks TrollsTopis will arrive this month. It is an animated streaming series that has been influenced by the Trolls moves and also will contain p plenty of musical fun for keeping younger viewers occupied at the time of the holiday festivities.

    Mother/Android' Review: The Future Looks Bleak for Chloë Grace Moretz -  Variety

    1. Mother/Android

    This Mother/Android show is featuring Chloe Grace Moretz as Georgia,  also with her boyfriend Sam. They have to battle against rogue androids who have been revolted against their counterparts. Georgia becomes pregnant and makes a plan to arrive safely in Boston and in the two-week journey Georgia and Sam have to face off with the killer bots to reach their final destination.

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