Kidambi Srikanth is back among the top 10 following his silver medal at the BWF Championship

    Kidambi Srikanth after a terrific campaign at the BWF World Championship, from where he achieved the historic silver, helped him to re-enter the top 10 rankings again with a gap of two years. The former number one Huelva of the world has been able to increase his level four times to re-enter the spot.

    The strong mentality of Kidambi Srikanth

    Kidambi Srikanth never lost faith in himself despite the fact he missed out on the Tokyo Olympics. However, at present, he is glad that he has recovered all the pains after he received the world champions silver medal in the single men competition.

    He said in this regard that he was very disappointed for not being able to go to the Olympics. If we look at it, he was still the highest-ranked player from India. However, some tournaments were yet to take place of the qualification of the Olympics. But unfortunately, seven to nine tournaments on the same got cancelled.

    More on this regard

    Kidambi Srikanth said more in this regard that during the first part of the qualification, he was not able to play because of his injury. In the second part, he was fully fit, but unluckily tournaments didn’t take place. In the 2022 year they said resumptions, he played the Swiss Open semifinal. He earlier said that he was feeling confident, and he is sure to make it to the Olympics.

    However again the same thing happened and all the tournaments were called off. Kidambi Srikanth added that these are the things he couldn’t get control of, hence doesn’t want to talk about the same.

    That day, he felt that the Olympics is not the end of this whole world. He thought that he will have his chances, and he worked towards it, and he is now happy as everything got paid off.

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