Top Basketball Movies Ranked on Netflix, Amazon and Disney Plus

    Basketball is a thrilling sport with first-placed top-notch drama and excitement, contributing as the ideal material to make films. If you’re both a basketball freak and movie buff, looking to watch a related movie this weekend, there are some splendid options available. Let’s have a look at the list below.

    We have picked a good list for you, with three of these movies streaming the popular platforms: Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney Plus.

    Top Basketball Movies Ranked on Streaming Platforms

    Space Jam (1996)

    Space Jam 1996 Trailer

    A movie featuring Michael Jordan, Bill Murray and Bugs Bunny surely comes on the favourite list for many. The film portrays how basketball legend Jordan is sucked into a cartoon empire. There he befriends Bugs Bunny and a crew of Loony Tunes, to save them from the wrath of aliens. On the basketball court, the battle was fought to decide the fortune for both parties. You can find it on Amazon Prime for rent.

    White Men Can’t Jump (1992)

    White Men Can’t Jump 1992 trailer

    This classic features Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson. The characters take to the streets and hustle all other players out of their sweat-earned cash. Billy Hoyle, portrayed by Harrelson works on a premise alluring everyone to assume he’s hopeless on the court just because he’s white. He forms a good bond with Sidney Deane, portrayed by Snipes and they both have each other’s back through every odd.

    The movie is available for rent on Amazon Prime and is available for streaming of Disney Plus.

    He Got Game (1998)

    He Got Game 1998 trailer

    The film casts Denzel Washington in the role of Jack Shuttlesworth. He’s in jail for accidentally murdering his wife. His son Jesus (portrayed by former NBA superstar Ray Allen) is a spectacular basketball player. Jake is given a temporary release from jail and a shorter sentence from the governor on the condition if Jesus signs for the government’s alma matter. It leads to a rift between the two. The movie is available for streaming both on Netflix and Amazon Prime in the USA.

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