Manifest Season 4 to Hit Netflix Soon: Release Date, Cast, Story and Trailer

    Manifest had its first three seasons aired on NBC. The series will return with its fourth season exclusively on Netflix. The official announcement came back in August 2021 after Warner Bros TV and the streaming giant finalized a deal.

    Manifest’s first season hit NBC on 24th September 2018 while the second one was released in January 2020. The series had its last season aired last April.

    Netflix started to stream all the seasons back in Summer. Gradually, it was the third show to be in the top 10 for 100 days, as stated by Forbes. Initially, NBC had wrapped up the series but its grand success on the popular streaming platform urged the producers to give it a second thought and launch a new season.

    When Did Manifest Filming Begin?

    On November 18th, Rake took to Twitter to announce the beginning of official filming, posting a picture from the sets of New York City.

    The fourth season will have 20 episodes and will be released in parts after a nailbiter has thrilled the fans and left them excitedly awaiting the new season. Reportedly, Rake has stated that the Endgame won’t change at all. He further added that he’s confident that twenty episodes will spare him enough time to narrate the entirety of the story as he has always desired.

    Manifest Season 4: Release Date

    The fourth edition of the famous series might not be released before 2022 Spring. Fans can have a fair guess to see the premiere by 2022 May or June.

    Manifest Season 4: Star Cast and Plot

    Fans are expecting that Rake will provide them with a splendid thrilling ending where fans would get to know everything regarding the plane’s disappearance and what took place in the flight.

    J.R. Ramirez, Josh Dallas, Parveen Kaur, Melissa Roxburgh, Holly Taylor and Luna Blaise will all return for the series’ new edition. Daryl Edwards and Ty Doran will be season regulars. Owing to scheduling issues, Matt Long will be unable to play a big part in this season.

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