Craziest Red Card in the history of Professional Football

    Yellow and red carts are parts and parcels of the game. Anyone seeing several matches without seeing a player is sent off the pitch would be a miracle, especially in the present football era. However, it is indeed a crazy thing to see a player receiving a red card before the game has even started which has turned out to be the craziest red card in professional football history ever.

    The Craziest Red Card to take place in football history

    The ridiculous red card has not happened before in the history of football, and no one has even heard about it before. Indeed a remarkable incident happened in the Super Cup final of Paraguay, a few days back with Jean Fernandes receiving a red card from the referee before the match even started.

    Reports state that the goalkeeper of Cerro Porteno only just did the mistake of reaching the goalmouth to get himself ready for the starting of the game, and then only the incident happened which took him off the pitch.

    According to sources, the marching orders were given to Fernandes for trolling supporters behind the goalpost, crossing his forearms in front of his throat. It was certainly deemed to be a provocative gesture by the goalkeeper.

    Unhappy Fernandes

    Fernandes was certainly unhappy with the decision of the referee, however was able to go outside the ground. But the only right positive thing that happened here regarding Cerro Porteno, was that they were able to replace a goalkeeper for Jean Fernandes, as the match hasn’t been started then.

    Fernandes in this regard said that when he went to put his rosary by the side of the goalpost, something he always does, the fans from the rival teams began to throw things at him even including firecrackers. He added that he reacted to that by making a gesture which in Brazil is normal. However, the ref misunderstood him ending up giving him the red card.

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