UCL: Real Madrid vs PSG set to be the tie of the century

    An embarrassing, as well as a controversial mistake in the Champions League, led to the final 16 draws being redone, the Spanish capital Real Madrid were drawn to face Paris Saint Germain. It was certainly one of the most intriguing encounters in recent years. The two clubs share a bitter rivalry for a long time and a consequence happening in this epic battle of titans was indeed a fascinating story to tell people.

    Factors on this Real Madrid vs PSG match

    Various factors made this Real Madrid vs PSG match even more exciting. The two clubs will lock horns with each other in January, and it is very much possible that by that time PSG striker Kylian Mbappe becomes the Real Madrid player after his contract expires with the Paris capital at the end of the season.

    In addition to that, the return of the great Sergio Ramos is also a matter to see here, as the 35-year-old defender came to PSG from Madrid and how he plays against his former team from where he gained much fame, will be a matter to see.

    Also, Messi playing against Real Madrid has always been a great moment to see among fans. While he was in Barcelona, the bitter rivalry between Barca and Real Madrid known as El Classico, was one of the greatest things in football to see. Fans will be eager to see how Messi plays against the same team for PSG.

    Another former player of Real, Di Maria could return against the La Liga giants for PSG, which is a thing to witness. In addition to that, the sporting director of PSG, Leonardo Araujo, has attacked Real Madrid in various ways on their strategy of signing Mbappe to their club.

    All set for February 16

    The Real Madrid vs PSG clash is all set for February 16, in the next year. It will be a terrific scene to see with all these factors surrounding the match and things might change to some extent when the time of showdown comes next year.

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