Here’s a leak of Spider-Man skins from the latest chapter of Fortnite

    Spider-Man has been playable in Fortnite for a while now, and fans have already created some cool Spider-Man skins. The game’s new Super Level Styles, on the other hand, are for players who want something a little different for their hero. Photo Negative (blue), Scarlet Blackout (a red that resembles Miles Morales’ original costume), and Gilded Reality are among the snazzy new colour schemes (yellow). These options were announced as part of today’s new update, and they can be unlocked by progressing through the Battle Pass past level 140.

    Fortnite leaker @HYPEX posted the three designs on Twitter, and you can see them in the Tweet embedded below.

    The response to the designs has been a bit varied thus far! While Fortnite currently features his traditional, Symbiote, and Future Foundation designs, there are many more that could be added in the future. If a Miles Morales costume isn’t included in the game, the Scarlet Blackout design would be a good stand-in, but there’s a chance we’ll see more.

    Spider-Man is the most recent Marvel character to make an appearance in Fortnite. Fans have had the chance to play as some of the Marvel Universe’s most popular characters in recent years, including Iron Man, Wolverine, Venom, and others. With Spider-Man: No Way Home hitting theatres this week, the game’s inclusion of the hero couldn’t come at a better time, and many players seem to enjoy the new web-swinging mechanics.

    Because Spider-Man is undoubtedly Marvel’s most popular superhero, it’s not unexpected to see him featured prominently in Fortnite, and it’ll be interesting to see whether there’s more to come this season!

    Fortnite is currently available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC. 


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