Joshua Kimmich of Bayern Munich says he will now get vaccinated

    Joshua Kimmich, the star player of Bayern Munich stated that he now desires to get his COVID19 vaccine after months of waiting. The German professional footballer refused to do the same as he lacked proper knowledge regarding it, however, he didn’t ever proclaim himself as an anti-vaxxer. At present, in an exclusive interview with Joshua Kimmich stated that he desires to get vaccinated now against the virus.

    Joshua Kimmich further in this regard

    The German further said in this regard that it was just difficult for him to deal with his fears and concerns in general, and that is the reason he was undecided for a long time. Sources state that Kimmich has opened up regarding his health conditions as well as concerns about the COVID19 vaccination, and he has also regretted his decision of not getting vaccinated before.

    The German footballer affected by COVID

    Joshua Kimmich was infected by COVID, and since then, he had to postpone his football until next year concerning his lung problems affected by the coronavirus. The German midfielder tested positive last month. At present, he has ended his quarantine session but has not been able to return to the ground concerning his side effects, done by the infection.

    Kimmich also stated that he is glad to end his self-isolation, and at present, he is doing well. However, he is not able to train fully due to the slight infiltrations in his lungs. Hence, he will do some rehabilitative training will be back to action soon in January.

    Joshua Kimmich is an important player of Bayern Munich who is currently sitting at the top of the points table in Bundesliga. Munich won’t look for any further damage in their team and will be eagerly waiting for the return of Joshua Kimmich.

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