Here is the list of Amazon Prime Gaming free games for December 2021

    If you love gaming then this month is definitely for you as the streaming giant Amazon is also been offering another rotation of such free games for the Prime subscribers. It has been added that the Prime subscribers also can claim such of the in-0game loot in games just like Genshin Impact, GTA Online, and many more.

    Frostpunk: Console Edition has a new story trailer showing the frozen world  | Windows Central

    Totally, there are nine different free games including Criterion Games 2010, a racing game like Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, apocalyptic survival game Frostpunk, and it also has such colorful outer space adventure journey to that Savage Planet and also has the stylish co-operation puzzle home Morkredd.


    There is also a  game Spellcaster University from where you will get to be the director of the magic college and will also join into the lineup along with Youtubers Life, as there is the sim from where you all get the life your influencer dreams, Stubbs the Zombie is mainly an action game from where you can play like a  zombie chomping on people, Football Manager 2021, it is a sports team management sim and also finally, the complete Tales of Monkey Island and also has a graphic adventure game.

    If you are not has taken the subscription to Amazon Prime then immediately take it, you can get a 30 day free trial for trying these free games out.

    Here is the list of December 2021 Free Games of Amazon Prime Video:

    1. Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit

    2. Frostpunk

    3. Journey to the Savage Planet

    4. Morkredd

    5. Spellcaster University

    6. Youtubers Life

    7. Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse

    8. Tales of Monkey Island: Chapter 1 – 5

    9. Football Manager 2021

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